Fujitsu goes big on Big Data analysis tool | Automotive Industry News

Fujitsu has launched its Future Mobility Accelerator Digital Twin Analyser, an AI-powered in-vehicle camera image analysis platform, aimed at businesses offering services which rely on big data collected from connected cars.

Sales begin in Japan on 25 September 25th with availability to follow in North America and Europe from February 2021.

The new platform uses technology developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, including AI image-recognition technology for image analysis, as well as high-precision 3D positioning technology for the vehicle and surrounding objects to analyse images taken by in vehicle cameras and convert them into data. The platform enables accurate estimation of 3D position and trajectory information of potential obstacles in the real world, including pedestrians, other vehicles, roads, and buildings, which are constantly changing, to deliver rapid analysis and prediction of vehicle conditions and traffic conditions. With the addition of analysis logic, the technology also offers new uses, including feature detection and accident situation analysis, demonstrating a wide range of potential applications for a variety of services.

The basic service provides data that can be analysed from camera data, including the position and speed of the vehicle and the 3D position of surrounding vehicles, signs, and buildings. Other supported services include definition support services for the creation of systemisation requirements definition documents to meet customer needs, as well as setup services to configure user environments in accordance with these.

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