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Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oils

Moving parts need to keep on being lubricated and engine oil also known as motor oil or engine lubricant is one of them which consists of base oils that are then added with additives to enhance them. Some of these additives used to enhance it includes those that are anti-wear, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, detergents as well as improvers of viscosity index. The main use of motor oils is to lubricate the combustion engines so as to prevent wear and friction on the moving parts in the engine as well as to clean sludge and vanish from the engine. Other functions of the engine oil include neutralization of acids present in the fuel and those that originate from oxidation of lubricants, enhances the sealing of the piston rings and also enhances cooling of the engine by dispersing heat from the moving parts. The main material used in the manufacture of motor oils is the heavy components of crude oil that are then added with additives to enhance its performance.

In the recent past, the use of motor oils made from crude petroleum products has reduced and the use of synthetic motor oils increased. Synthetic motor oils are usually made from chemical compounds that have been produced artificially. The compound can either be obtained through modification of the crude petroleum components or can be synthesized from other sources. Synthetic motor oils are mostly used instead of the petroleum refined oils where extreme temperatures from combustion are likely to be experienced. Regular motor oils should not be used since they have a low boiling point that can lead to vaporization once temperatures rise to the boing point temperature and above. Synthetic motor oils are also more used since they have a higher and a better viscosity as well as a better shear and chemical stability. Also the resistance of synthetic oils to oxidation and thermal breakdown is very high as well as they do not experience the sludge problem in the engine. Since synthetic oils do not change state even when the temperature are really cold, they are recommended for use during the cold and winter season to ensure engine performance is maintained. Synthetic oils also have little environmental pollution since they do not generate large quantities of used engine oil.

There are various benefits that one is likely to experience with the use of synthetic motor oil although the cost might be a little bit higher than the regular oils. Regular motor oils require to be changed much often as compared to the synthetic engine oils which enables one to cover more miles before changing the oil. With the new and modern engines, the synthetic engine oil is able to meet their standard since during manufacture all impurities are usually removed.

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