Indiana State Sentinel 26 July 1893 — Hoosier State Chronicles

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The D-528’s styling was most likely largely completed in 1954. Elaborate two-tone paint schemes were already in production on Basic Motors’ redesigned Oldsmobiles and Buicks, however still rare business-large. Chrysler Corporation was two years away from launching its tail fin styling, and quad headlights were even farther sooner or later. Maybe these issues assist clarify why the D-528’s styling is relatively clean. Observe that the windshield is somewhat panoramic, however the objects amounting to A-pillars lean backward within the fashion Chrysler used on its 1955 and later models, and never the vertical orientation Fords and Mercurys were given for that model yr. My most important criticism about this facet of the automobile is that the entrance fenders are too rounded, offering a heavier-than-mandatory look. Oh, and there seems to be too much overhang in front of the wheel opening for a rear-wheel drive car.