Parcel post in the test: Post and private couriers in comparison

Let pick up packages at home. This works only with post and dollars perfectly. Fedex, DHL and DPD strained the testers’ patience. Price but is so far only DPD a realistic competitor to the post.

Christmas time is parcel time: Around 20 million parcels transported these days alone the post office. But private delivery companies like DHL and Fedex want to be involved in the domestic mail order business. The package dispatch test of the Foundation for Consumer Protection shows: Despite innovations in the competition, the postal service is still more than a nose ahead when shipping parcels.

You used to bring your parcel to the post office. Today, the five largest parcel services in Switzerland (The Post, DPD, UPS, DHL and Fedex) collect packages at home (see “How it was tested”). This means, for example, at the post office “pick @ home” or at DHL “Online Shipping”. The customer prepares the shipping preparations on the providers’ websites and orders the postman or a courier to pick up the package later.So much for the theory. In the test, treacherous traps were already evident in these online preparations. For the courier service to¬†USA this is an important matter.

The detailed test results can be found here

Most unclear to the testers was the homepage of DHL (see table). But Swiss Post’s pick-up service was hard to find even if the user did not know the name of the service, “pick @ home”. Or: At dollars you will end up looking for the pickup order on a page with 17 options.

Endless waiting for the pickup

The biggest differences in the test were the collection of parcels for shipping. Most providers leave the customer only the choice of the day on which the courier picks up the package.

DPD has not adhered to any of the deadlines, one of them because of a mistake in the ordering process. DPD writes that the pick-up service at private addresses would have some teething problems and that it had only been introduced two months ago. DHL also picked up two of three packages too late: once with 4 hours and once with 25 hours late. The International parcel shipping process is different there.

Very good was the punctuality of the dollars couriers. Twice they arrived at the agreed time, once comparatively short 55 minutes after the defined time. Although no time slot can be defined at the post office, the testers also rated this pickup with very good grades, because the postman arrived early in the morning on all three pickups – thus the wait came to a quick end.

Incidentally, the Post charges no additional charge for the pick-up service.Dollarswould be equal to the quality of the services with the post. Only the price lies the private competitor away: The dispatch of the three packages in the test inclusive pickup cost with dollars 122.70, with the post office 31 dollars.