Plastic Omnium acquires two surgical mask production lines | Automotive Industry News

Plastic Omnium has acquired two production lines for surgical masks.

One line was started in May in its Sigmatech R&D centre (Lyon, France) to meet the needs of its European sites, while the second will be installed at the end of June in Puebla (Mexico), to cover the needs of North and South America.

Each line production capacity is 1.5m masks per month, ensuring the group’s autonomy for the protection of its employees, in application of reinforced sanitary measures.

Separately, the French supplier adds 96% of its 131 worldwide plants are now operational.

Plastic Omnium has gradually reopened its plants since April, ensuring the safety of its employees and in accordance with local policies of the 26 countries where the group operates.

Some 126 out of the 131 plants of Plastic Omnium have now reopened, representing almost all sites in Europe, Asia, North and South America, as well as Africa.

“Plastic Omnium had anticipated the restart of production since March, 2020, by developing [the]  ‘Safe Restart Playbook,’ by training each employee for its implementation and by sharing it with its suppliers on its website,” said a statement from the manufacturer.

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