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Why I’m Giving up on Trying to Always Function as Fun Mother

I took my children to the children’s museum, but my concern was about the germs my kids will have contact with. I have seen the study that children’s museums may harbor a number of the nastiest bacteria, but being have never asserted to this, I do not have enough evidence. So on this day, I was especially excited to be part of this adventure. Inside the significant museum amphitheater, a wrestling-themed anniversary party was occurring. As the door opened briefly to allow the next wave of people in, I snuck a peek inside.

I hardly throw this word around, but the party was wonderful. The whole, huge area was decorated to the hilt. There were wrestling rings put up, fake glittering straps hooked on the wall along with adults in Hulk Hogan costumes. There was an old-looking “wrestling game” poster with all the lucky birthday kids’ face on it. What ought to be appreciated is the whole event was lovely and to any mother who would have been there would have shared the same sentiments.

But it is impossible for me to throw such sort of celebration, and is not that I don’t like having fun, but that I have quite draining social stress that’s taking a toll on me. Being in a big crowd makes me nervous. Her daddy, on the flip side, is someone who adulates such sort of thing. A theatre buff in high school, he controls any point and any area with regard to having fun. He can throw a fantastic party to our daughter at anyplace our kid would love to or these birthday parties with Hulk Hogan costumes in a heartbeat.

While my anxiety is one part of it, truth be told, there are other factors as to why I am not capable of being the “amusing” mom. I can’t keep up in arranging birthday parties together with Hulk Hogan costumes or inside an exhibition hall. But honestly, I could throw an awesome birthday celebration our neighborhood has ever seen, and a similar one like the one I saw people wearing Hulk Hogan costumes. But the only hindrance is that I will be stuck with colossal expenses that can lead misappropriating my savings.

Conversely, by relieving myself of this heaviness to throw a celebration that leaves people talking for months, I am taking that energy to somewhere it will be worthwhile. I’m involving myself in motherhood full-force. I’m giving them the adoration, kindness, and memories they need at this particular moment of their lives.

My daughter’s birthday is coming soon and I am still not certain what we will do for her. We might prepare the sprinkler in the garden and allow her buddies splash themselves with lots of fun. Or, we may organize one similar to the museum where children could opt to wear Hulk Hogan costumes to make it more memorable.