Toyota to launch new companies | Automotive Industry News

Toyota, Dentsu, Dentsu Group and Dentsu with Toyota subsidiary Delphys will launch a new business structure, effective from January 2021 for innovating marketing and creating mobility businesses.

“Due to the rapid proliferation in recent years of blogs, social networking services, and other forms of social media, the main conveyors of information now include not only members of the mass media but also a diverse range of entities such as individuals and companies,” the partners said.

“In tandem, the methods for information transmission are also diversifying. In response to these changes, Toyota, centered on owned media such as the Toyota Times, has been conveying ‘Toyota’s true self’ directly to its customers and other stakeholders, as it pursues initiatives to innovate communication out of a need to provide the utmost in trustworthy information.”

The automaker said it was necessary to have the ability to quickly and accurately grasp customers’ situations and demands, and to reflect such in new businesses.

Delphys, as a fully owned Toyota subsidiary, has strengths in automotive marketing and retail could innovate brand building communication and marketing which anticipates changes, such as a digital society, and a mobility society.

“Toyota believes that Dentsu, providing its knowledge and know-how related to integrated marketing communications, as well as that related to the digital domain, will drive innovation speedily forward.”

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