VW offers Uber Berlin used EVs | Automotive Industry News

Volkswagen and Uber launched a pilot project in Berlin to use used electric vehicles for the sustainable ride hailing service Uber Green.

They will use use year-old e-Golf models – VW has already used the model for its own car sharing service We Share since 2018.

The automaker said: “Through our cooperation with Uber, we are helping improve air quality in urban areas with our locally carbon neutral electric vehicles. In addition, with the demanding continuous operation of battery electric vehicles in a ride hailing service, we will gain valuable experience which we will be able to use for future vehicles.”

Uber said: “This cooperation offers our hire car partners an economically attractive possibility of switching to zero-emission drive systems at short notice. In addition, our experience shows that people are considerably more open to the topic of e-mobility after their first ride in an all-electric vehicle.”

This month, Uber announced it intends to evolve into a zero-emission mobility platform by 2040, with all rides offered using zero-emission vehicles, public transport or micro-mobility offerings.

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