Shopping Tips for Fall Coats


Baby It’s Cold Outside!
When the crisp autumn air sends a chill down your spine, you know its about that time…for a new coat! When picking out a new fall or winter coat there are a few simple things to keep in mind.

1. Personal Style – This is an investment and you should be able to wear it year after year so make sure it fits your lifestyle. Your coat should be an example of what you are wearing underneath it and should easily fit into your existing wardrobe. Do not buy something too trendy, bright or in a loud print that you may not love the following year.

2. Simple & Classic – Neutral colors are always the way to go to get the maximum wear out of any coat. If you tend to wear a lot of brown and blues then pick something in an earth tone. If you wear a lot of black and grey then stick to a black or grey coat. Remember, you can always brighten up a coat with scarves, hats and gloves, which can easily be changed next season. You want the coat to go the distance.

3. Body Type & Length – The length and cut is very important for a flattering look. If you are short you want to buy a coat that sits above the knee. An empire waist or a tied waist can enhance anyone’s figure as it will make legs appear taller and leaner. Women with large chests should stick to a single-breast coats and double-breasted styles are better for women with smaller chests.

4. Climate & Daily Activities – The more dramatic the climate the more dramatic the coat. If you live somewhere with extreme cold then a down filled coat or puffer coats are top options and you’ll also want a bit longer coat to protect even your legs from the cold. If you are an active mom getting in and out of the car and running errands all day you’ll want a shorter coat that is comfortable and allows for flexibility.

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