Stylish Fall Accessories


Accessories are the icing on the cake and can really make or break an outfit.

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Scarves can really help to enhance an outfit by adding that fresh pop of color to either the plain or simple pieces your wearing underneath. They can also be worn a lot of different ways, come in a variety of fabrics and they can keep you warm. But be careful, they can also ruin the outfit if too large, too long or too distracting. You can never have too many scarves.


Belts came back with a punch thanks to shows like Mad Men and our first lady, Michelle Obama. She has graced the nation with her elegant style and showed us that sweater sets can be modern and cool. Belts can make cardigans hip and when worn with a simple dress they can flatter a woman’s figure by creating a very feminine silhouette. We recommend having at least 3 belts in your wardrobe.


Not everyone can sport a Hat trend, it takes a certain personality and a unique style to pull some of them off. However, in the colder months sometimes it is necessary to wear something on your head and so the more basic knit hats are definitely the way to go. Neutral colors work best, pick colors that will easily go with your coats and sweaters. When buying for winter skip the sets, the hat, scarf and gloves do not all have to be the exact same color.


These are usually the last accessory we think of. Most of us just think of these as a daily essential because we wear the same pair every day. Sunglasses can be the one thing that really polishes off a look. Just like scarves if worn too big, too small or by wearing a style that is too distracting, they can ruin the entire ensemble. Find a brand and style that fits your face and budget. Try the trendy styles as long as you’re comfortable wearing them and have the attitude to match. If you are interested in learning more about fall accessories, look at this website for further details.

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