Gorgeous Autumn days in South Korea


“They say that as autumn passes

The trees release their lonely leaves

Casting them into the lake

Enduring the pain

To look after their bodies

As their beauty shines

They behold their leaves

On the surface

Deciding not to look back at the past

They will cherish above all

A momentary gift

That flows like water”

By Chung Dong-muk, Korean poet

A piece of my heart will always stay in South Korea where we lived for a couple of months. We have also visited this beautiful countries many times. I am so grateful that we got to experience two wonderful autumns there.

Today I’m sharing with you some of my souvenirs…

Amazing colors in the “Secret Garden”:

Secret Garden

A waterfall of gingko trees turning yellow in the streets of Seoul :

A beautiful persimmon tree in front of a traditional Korean restaurant:

persimmon tree

A very old gingko tree in the “Secret Garden”:

Delicious street food:

Fruits sold in small trucks all around the city:

Chestnuts waiting to be grilled:

Gorgeous autumn colors on every street:

The traditional Korean cuisine uses many seasonal ingredients (herbs, mushrooms, vegetable) so the flavors change with the seasons.

A delicious 100% vegan meal in a restaurant own by a monk in the heart of Seoul:

The famous bibimbap (a mix of rice, meat, vegetables and eggs) and pajeon (Korean “pancake”):

A traditional Korean lunch in the city of Gyeongju:

A tiny shop selling autumn flowers:

In front of Jogyesa Temple in Seoul:

While our hearts are still in Asia, Asia has come with us, through the books we read to our daughter, the recipes we cook and the holidays we celebrate.

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